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     The Georgia Inter-Community Alliance (GICA) was formed as an extension of the Cobb Community Alliance (CCA)  to expand its work throughout the state of Georgia. The Cobb Community Alliance was birthed on June 18th, 2019 after a meeting with its founder Leroy Carson, Jr. and some local fraternal, sorority, masonic, civil right, HBCU Alumni Alliance, faith-based and civic leaders with an express goal of maximizing their overall impact in their community by collaborating on voter engagement, youth empowerment and alliance on community issues and opportunities. Today that alliance is made up of the Cobb County Chapters of 17 of the most accomplished and noted African American organizations. Throughout the 2020 election cycle, the CCA hosted 30 campaigns over three months, in 11 non-partisan events providing over 22,000 viewers an opportunity to make a more informed choice on whom to vote for. The CCA has always intended to replicate its efforts beyond Cobb County. Due to a runoff of national importance, the CCA has expedited its efforts to align its resources and relationships throughout the state to ensure every voter is informed, encouraged, active, and counted.  Please join us as we spend time with candidate(s) so you can make the most informed vote.  


History of the Cobb Community Alliance


      On the evening of June 18th, 2019, the Founder of the Cobb Community Alliance, Leroy Carson, Jr., gathered a group of 11 civic, fraternal, sorority, and religious leaders[YDA2]  at The Life Church in Marietta, Georgia to discuss the possibility of joining forces to make greater inroads and impact in their county by collaborating, when possible. By the end of the meeting, everyone agreed that this was a great idea and would begin seeking official approval from their local chapters to associate themselves with this effort. By the second meeting, this group of organizations increased by three and they began to devise a strategy to focus their efforts on three specific areas of joint impact:


  • Collaborative Voter Engagement Strategy – This effort is designed to develop one or two initiatives that could be significantly impactful by the combined physical and intellectual resources of the nascent alliance.


  • ​Community Briefing – These organizations have some common threads that link their community efforts. The goal of this initiative is to share a common communication platform to help identify issues of shared interest to galvanize support to become a larger force for good.


  • ​Youth Empowerment – Every organization involved in the Cobb Community Alliance is interested in youth empowerment, education, scholarship, and advancement. This initiative leverages the strength of each organization to help create a common platform and effort that can increase opportunities for local youth. 


The goal of the Cobb Community Alliance is to create opportunities for all and help to level the playing field to make a better county and a better state.

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