Business On The Nine seeks to be the nations largest Divine 9 business directory. Each Divine 9 organization has helped to produce some of the world greatest innovators, educators, entrepreneurs and professionals. We plan to highlight there services and business contacts so that member participants can help to make a larger economic impact in their communities and lift up generations to come. Please view by city.  

        We will launch first in these 20 cities then expand from there. Atlanta, Georgia will be the first. (Just click on the highlighted Atlanta, Georgia to get into that directory) THE FIRST SET OF LISTINGS IN EACH CITY WILL BE FREE. Make sure your business is within the first group when we launch in your city.  

1.    Atlanta, Georgia
2.    Baltimore, Maryland 
3.    Birmingham, Alabama
4.    Montgomery, Alabama
5.    Boston, Massachusetts 
6.    Charlotte, NC-SC
7.    Chicago, Illinois 
8.    Detroit, Michigan 
9.    Houston, Texas
10.    Miami, Florida

11.    New York, NY
12.    Norfolk, Virginia 
13.    Orlando, Florida
14.    Raleigh, North Carolina 
15.    Richmond, Virginia
16.    San Antonio, Texas 
17.    Saint Louis, Missouri 
18.    Washington, DC
19.    Los Angeles, California 
20.    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania