Rules for Postings

  1. Only members of Divine 9 fraternities and sororities will be allowed to display their businesses or services on this site pending approval from the and

  2. and reserves the right to choose which kinds of businesses and, or services will and will not be displayed on its website.   

  3. Applicants and postings are open to all members of the organizations that are listed above whom have businesses and services in the city being featured. 

  4. All applicants will fill out an inquiry form with all the information requested from and for consideration

  5. The review, validation and approval process can take from 30-45 days before approved listing are posted. 

  6. and will may provide subscription promotions subject to their rules and terms. 

  7. This listing will be showcased by category and provide a clickable overview of your membership and business with direct contact information to your business and, or service. 

  8. Rules are subject to change at any time based on the site owners discretion.